Who is Carl Szantyr ?


Carl Szantyr is a true believer in himself and he believes in his ideas.Throughout his entire life and career, He has always had a vision, been creative, innovative and taken all the necessary steps to get things done and create an impact on his surroundings.Entrepreneurship is part of his DNA and a father-to-son trait. Life taught him how to earn the trust and respect of his peers, to develop strong social and networking skills, to project credibility with integrity, reputation and ability to inspire others because he is doing great things and he always does his best to succeed no matter what. Those are the pillars and values he grew up with that gave him the strength and confidence to take on challenges, unafraid of failing and prepared to learn.


Carl Szantyr is graduated from INSEEC BUSINESS SCHOOL (Paris, France), where he was admitted after a preparatory class. He studied  from 2001 – 2004, and got graduated a Master in Finance, focus on Corporate Finance, Asset Management and Capital Markets. As a Coursera enthusiast, he frequently took courses such as “How to Finance and Grow Your Startup – Without VC taught by John Mullins, Associate Professor of Management Practice London Business School.” 


Carl Szantyr always had a deep passion for entrepreneurship and management. His journey started at a rather young age, as an independent financial advisor for a French wealth management group. After three years of climbing the management ladder, handling different tasks, and exploring different roles, he felt ready for the next challenge and decided to set up his own company. Taking a business from a mere idea to its operational stage was a life-changing experience, as was participating in every step of the process. Within 5 years, his team and himself turned an independent financial product retailer into a $2.5m structured product wholesale platform. He continued to manage the business and delved into business development, marketing strategy and expanding his B2B network before selling the company and moving to Asia to explore new horizons.


Independence and rigour associated with his activity address numerous topics, such as excellence, loyalty, self-sufficiency, civil responsibilities and other regulations. These are amongst the numerous elements that pushed Carl Szantyr to differentiate himself from other practitioners on the “Place”.

Carl Szantyr always  promots ethical values: respect for the client’s interest, independence in proposals, and respect of professional rules. Confidentiality, deontology and ethics are the terms that master his activity and around which the rules of his ventures form the building blocks of his modus operandi.

In an environment characterised by technicalities and increasing volatility, weighed down by the need for diversification speaking in terms of geography and sector, the management of securities is more than ever a professional affair.

This is why Carl Szantyr was proposing clients the management of their assets by Groupe General Invest, where his consultants were committed to following a list of his deontological rules.


Wealth management Company – Financial investment advisory, Founder and Managing Director from 2007 to 2012                                                                                                                                               

Carl Szantyr provided each of his clients with advice and services of the highest quality, which are adapted to their own needs and respect their interests in wealth management.

GGI centred each professional approach on the idea of placing its clients’ interests at the summit of its priorities, differentiating itself from other agents in the domain.

At GGI, they advised and accompany professionals and individuals through the management of their assets. The more time flies, the more their belief in the primordial human dimension reinforces itself. This is why they placed great importance in listening to their clients, ensuring their strategy responds perfectly to their expectations.


For the last 5 years, he has been working as an independent advisor between Europe and Asia, and found himself taking on different challenges including developing the right corporate strategy and expanding internationally.

Carl Szantyr has built Goldstone with the integrity and determination only a Founder can bring, in complete transparency and respect of the law. After 6 years of hard work, Goldstone posts solid profits month after month.

As of today, we have over 100 clients who consulted us for business development advisory, capital raising and ordered their companies from us in Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK”.


Wishing to fully develop in an intellectually valuable environment or field in which he has expertise, he created this company in 2015 in London. He mainly offers advisory and business development. Carl Szantyr works on the launching of a technology platform to transform a consulting firm into a Fintech. He also helps start-ups to raise funds from $ 2 to 20 millions.


The choice of creating this one in Singapore is also related to the environment in the area which he qualifies as “the Geneva of Asia”. The company’s core business is economic consulting as well as the development of legal processes for tax optimization. With about 25 companies under management, Carl Szantyr helps European start-ups to generate $ 10 million in sales. The fields of activity of these latter are the import-export of luxury products and digital products.