The truth about Carl Szantyr

Who is Carl Szantyr ?

Carl Szantyr is a young French entrepreneur with an already-established experience. Describing himself as an “economic and social consultant”, he started working young, always in the pursuit of fulfillment, success as well as traveling. Carl Szantyr is currently the head of two international companies he founded in 2011 and 2015. Having started his career as a financial advisor, Carl has been able to adapt his career guidance to the opportunities he identifies. 

His Educational Background ?

In 2004, Carl Szantyr is graduated from a French renowned business school where he was admitted after a preparatory class. There he studies corporate finance, asset management and capital markets. It is during this course program that Carl Szantyr does a vital internship at Halewood International Foreign Exchange in Great Britain. This company is specialized in importing cars. In 2016, he passed a MOOC (Massive Online Open Source) at the University of London; “How to Finance and Grow Your Startup – Without VC taught by John Mullins, Associate Professor of Management Practice London Business School.” 

His Professiional Career ?

The beginning

Before the creation of Goldstone, Carl Szantyr is the chief financial officer (CFO) of HYDRONEO SINGAPORE PTE LTD between 2013 and 2015. For this company, he builds up a consortium of investors worth $ 25 million for the development of hydraulic dams in Southeast Asia. In parallel, he develops his economic consultancy firm which will become Goldstone. At the time, the company’s mission is to provide investment advice and wealth management to a European customers, with an economic model different from that applied in Asia. He diversifies his activity during the establishment. He therefore facilitates the integration of European companies wishing to locate locally by recommending lawyers, accountants etc.

Carl Szantyr began his professional career in 2004 at ARCA PATRIMOINE, in Paris. He is a financial investment adviser in the sale of life insurance contracts and structured products. Carl quickly became a consultant and manager, with four people under his responsibility. He brings about 200 new customers to the company, generating $ 2 million in annual sales. These figures rank him first in sales among financial advisors. Carl immediately realizes that there is a lack of structured products in the market, especially for individuals. With this in mind and with the experience acquired, he created GGI (Groupe Generale Invest S.A.R.L) in 2007.

The GGI business

GGI’s job is to buy structured products in the London market which, in turn, sells them in France. The company becomes the first independent French company in this market. Then, seizing opportunities, Carl Szantyr diversifies and changes position. He targets higher-end customers with high potential, developing private equity.

In 2011, it raised $ 2.5 million for a French industrial turbine company. With uncertainties surrounding the 2012 presidential elections, a good number of his clients are becoming more reluctant to invest. GGI’s turnover is halved between 2011 and 2012. Carl then decides to stop trading when one of his “business angels” asks him to go to Singapore. This will enable him to build up a real business network in Asia.

Goldstone Companies : Singapore & London

Carl Szantyr is at the head of GOLDSTONE OPEN BUSINESS LTD in London and founded in 2015 and GOLDSTONE CAPITAL ASIA PTE LTD in Singapore, founded in 2011.


The choice of creating this one in Singapore is also related to the environment in the area which he qualifies as “the Geneva of Asia”. The company’s core business is economic consulting as well as the development of legal processes for tax optimization. With about 25 companies under management, Carl Szantyr helps European start-ups to generate $ 10 million in sales. The fields of activity of these latter are the import-export of luxury products and digital products.


Wishing to fully develop in an intellectually valuable environment or field in which he has expertise, he created this company in 2015 in London. He mainly offers consulting in “business development“. Carl Szantyr works on the launching of a technology platform to transform a consulting firm into a Fintech. He also helps an Italian start-up to raise funds worth $ 2 million.